Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clouds like Salmon

I have been reading the book the Shipping News off and on for a year now. Finally had a chance to sit down this morning and finish it. Why did it take so long you're thinking, cause other things kept getting in the way. Like people, other reviews, migraines, etc.

The story came into my life back in 2003 as the movie version. I fell totally in love with the idea of a story set in Newfoundland. Took forever to track down a copy of the book.
There is one line in it that goes "A few torn pieces of early morning cloud the shape and colour of salmon fillets".

When I read that line I was taken aback. That is writing. The easy descriptiveness of the line manages to express emotion while tying in the character of the story.
And of course, you can't help but get drawn in when you are talking about a place as beautiful as the coast of Newfoundland.

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