Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why do you tell me this?

"Oh well it's his loss"

Why is it all my male friends always say this to me when I tell them about my latest break up or that some guy never called back?
If I had an X-Division belt for all the times I have heard that....

Seriously now, is it just a knee jerk reaction from people to say this to family/friends? Or is there something I am just missing? Cause it's not just my gay male friends who say this to me, but my straight male friends too.

I was just having a chat with Buddy #P. about a guy who contacted me from the dating site who said he'd call. Well he never did. Not too broken hearted over it either so whatever. But this then got us into a long chat on why a man would not let a woman know he's got a crush on her.

Buddy #P said on the topic "Maybe the guy with the crush is shy, or scared, or doesn't want to be rejected."
Well I throw at him "what if you know the dude is not shy?"
Buddy #P says "Then he's a total nerd and just doesn't know how to deal with women at all." Then he says "all men lack confidence at some point."

I replied with "what if the dude already knows he won't be rejected by me?"
Buddy #P says again "well then it's his loss."

I'm more confused then when I started.
So basically what you are saying to me is it's a loose -loose situation?

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