Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If I slit my wrists would you clean it up?

Ah spring is just around the corner, with the promise of warm breezes, cool rains and wild flowers.
Only, we still have to get past the end of winter. Which means we have to get through Valentines' Day.
Ah yes, February 14th. The day all single women dread more then anything. There is nothing worse then seeing that date looming on the calenders like a neon sign. Oh wait yes there is. Seeing all the commercials for Valentine's Day gifts and cards. Seeing the red and white and pink decorations in the stores. Seeing all the restaurants with signs saying book now for your romantic dinner. Seeing all the hotels with signs saying book now for a special rate. And of course, seeing all the so called happy couples on the date.

I think I'll start early and just pluck out my eyes, then throw myself against a brick wall for a coma induced injury before letting a sea of red ribbons stream from my pale white wrists.

How's that for a visual.

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