Saturday, January 9, 2010

Every single time

I sit down to write and actually get on a roll with things, the neighbours cause chaos.
I can not write when there is anything going on. I can't even read when there is noise around.
Putting on earphones and listening to my iPod is too distracting. Just as bad as the cross the hall neighbour's kid running around in the hallway with his trucks.
And it's the landlord so you know, I can't even bitch to them about it.

I need to move. Still haven't found a place I can afford and it's been since July.

Yeah, I've apparently lived alone too long. Every little sound gets on my nerves. I used to be able to work in the noise all the time when I was younger. Nothing could distract me at all. House was always full with people. 5 of us, plus my sister's friends, my grandma's friends, my dad's friends. Now, just the sound of the neighbours drives me crazy.


Paula said...

oh I get that cause at night I like the peace and quiet kids are asleep so then it's me time I don't want alot of needless noise to aggravate me or distract me to death.

ardeth blood said...

When I moved in this place 10 years ago, it was an Adult building. I only got in cause I'm on disability.
They sold the building to the ones who own it now, and it's been a steady row of teenagers and kids. The landlord rents to college students all the time.


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