Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are we trying to live a fairy tale?

Everyone grows up with the images of heroes dancing through their heads. Wither you are wanting to be rescued by the knight in shinning armor or you are wanting to be the knight in shinning armor, we all need heroes.

How many of us actually find what we're looking for?
I have heard it said more then once that no matter how intelligent or independent a woman is, she still just wants to be rescued.
I have to admit, there are times when that is very true. There are also just as many times when I want to be the white knight for some guy. There is nothing that lends to a natural high as much as being able to swoop down and be the shinning star that a man can't live without. Even if it is only for a few hours. Mind you my white knight status has been limited to standing in line for four hours for concert tickets while my buddy had to work or picking up a rent contract while my buddy was out of town. Still, the idea that I could be the one to save the day always makes me feel great.

I think it is the idea of being needed.

But yet, in the end I have never been rescued. (ambulance and emergency personal do not count) Not even so much as a guy offering to carry my books for me...ever.
Yes I need to be needed, but I need someone that needs me, to need them too.

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