Monday, January 25, 2010

I hate money

Money destroys relationships.

I know this, I watched it happen for the first 26 years of my life.
I have had money, I have been broke, I have been every way between the two. All I can say is that at least without money I know who my friends are.

One of the many reasons I don't like gambling at all. We have a casino here in town that I have managed to stay away from for 15 years. Never gone near it.

I was reading an article online , that said when women were given a choice of two totally hot, smart, kind, men that looked almost the same with the only difference between them being that one was wealthy and one was not all the women picked the wealthy one.

Um what? Really?
I guess that would make me totally crazy then because if everything about them is the same other then their bank accounts I would pick the poor guy.
Yes I would.

Simply because I want a guy to know that I am with him for him, not for what he might be able to give me. I witnessed the other women in my family marry for money and the marriages were horrible and they all got divorced.
The one person in my family who did not marry for money had a fabulous marriage that lasted 45 years. That was my grandparents.

I'm also a hopeless romantic so the idea of actually having a guy spend time with me means more then gifts. And when you don't have money, you have to be creative about what you do together. That's important.

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