Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This is not fair

While back, I posted about a very hot guy I bumped into Mr. Dark Hair
and how he looks like Mr. Shelley. Okay, so I had to get out to the bank today, and it was like free range cuties. I go past the church that Mr. Dark Hair had gone into last time I bumped into him and poof there he was again. I had no reason to chat with him though so I only lingered at the crosswalk for a second. Not like he remembered me. I know I am invisible.
Anyway, standing in line at the bank and this hot 20something is standing at the teller beside me, he kept looking over. So unless he was looking at the old dude behind me, which is possible... I had his attention.
And why is it, no matter how often you dress nice with your make up done and your hair and your clothes fresh from the laundry, you only get noticed when you look like something scrapped off the bottom of a shoe?
Leaving the bank heading to mom's and I see this total hottie having to share the sidewalk. Five second count turn to look and I got caught staring. Damn! Hate it when that happens.
Hit the parking lot for mom's building and literally smack into the delivery guy coming out of the place. That was bad. He took an extra few seconds to get into his car then needed , but still not even one "hey how you doing?" And through all this there is me just trying to keep my balance on the winter streets.

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