Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bad News Maybe

I got a letter in the mail today from the Hospital saying I have an appointment on Feb 16th about my stroke.

WHAT? You're kidding right? I think I would remember if I had a stroke.

So I called them wanting to know what the letter was about cause you know this has to be a mistake. I'm thinking, I know Richard had a mini-stroke and was in the hospital not too long ago, maybe they got my files mixed up with his or something.
The lady who answered said that Dr. S. referred me to the Neurologist because of my MRI, and asks if he explained to me why.
Um no I haven't been back in to see the doctor so no. I ask if it has anything to do with my dad having had a stroke and she said not that she's aware of and told me this appointment was not for a stroke but for my MRI.

Confused now. Then why did I get a letter telling me to come in about a stroke? What's going on here? What's the score?

Again I point out that Richard (dad) was in for an MRI the same week I was, and that it must have been meant for him. Again the lady at the hospital tells me no. It was indeed meant for me the appointment. Again I tell her I did not have a stroke.
This goes on for a bit over and over again, until finally she puts me on hold and checks the files again.

Then finally she's like "oh I see where the issue is. Dr. S. booked you for a chat with the Neurologist about your MRI." I'm thinking, you just finished telling me that still confused as to why. Then she continues "You are most likely looking at the letterhead that's why" Um yeah big bold letters saying Stroke Clinic Regional Stroke Network right at the top of the letter. "We're located on the same floor but this is not the Stroke Clinic this is MRI One. Someone grabbed the wrong letterhead when they mailed you your appointment. Happens all the time. No need to panic."

Good god woman like this whole situation hasn't freaked me out enough the last 4 months, you have to give me something new to panic over. Jesus freal.

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