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My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Jan 14th 2010

I used screen capture for this post.

iTunes Canada was late again to day with the show.

Hey, you know how I had the rule not to talk about MainEventMafia.... well, I am only going to talk about the guys I like.

Kurt Angle called out A.J. Styles saying Styles was really that good. Um yeah we've known that for nearly a decade. And the mystery guy.... okay you fooled me, my money had been on Wolfe and it was Tomko. Nice.
A.J. Styles vs Tomko in a title match. Styles didn't wait for the bell he went right after Tomko with a series of punches. They took it out of the ring and Style slammed Tomko's arm into the steps going right for the repaired shoulder. Getting back into the ring, Styles had him down in the corner with a boot to the throat. (so unlike Styles) He then used a double drop kick to the face. Styles got shoved out of the ring and the camera went to the announce booth for half the match...Tomko got a near fall. Tomko used a boot to the face to turn Styles inside out for another near fall. Tomko then managed to get Styles on the bottom rope stepping on his neck. Styles used the paylay for the win. There was no energy in this match. Normally, Styles is just all over the ring but this match was more then just slow paced it was disappointing. I was expecting more out of these two but it was just terrible.

As far as the Knock Outs go... breaking my rule slightly, the women's tag champs Hamada and Kong were up against the Beautiful People, and it was cool to hear the crowd chanting for Kong and Hamada.

What with all the filler? I don't like filler. I like matches.

Lethal and Creed vs .... the match didn't get to happen because Lashley came out and hit them from behind. Maybe he was sick of seeing Lethal in the moomoo too? Lethal honey get rid of the damned moomoo. Well they were suppose to go up against Team 3D, but when Team 3D came down to the ring... the bell rang they got Creed in a 3D and Devon covered him for the win. That's dren total dren. Creed and Lethal are two of the best in the X-Division and one of the best tag teams around, why the hell are they being used as fodder?

I thought Daniels was the Face in this new feud he's now in with the icky sex dude? Was I wrong?

Hernandez and the evil druid Matt Morgan vs Beer Money Inc. Hernandez and Storm started off. Storm got tossed into the corner, and over the ropes but he managed to hang on and kick Hernandez in the back of the skull. Storm then got a near fall. Roode tagged in and they doubled teamed Hernandez with a suplex. Evil Druid Morgan tagged himself in giving both members of Beer Money Inc a short closeline. He got Roode in the corner for his rapid fire elbows then used a sidewalk slam on him. Storm tagged back in, they went for a double team on him but Hernandez tagged in getting both of them with a double flying closeline. Storm got tossed out of the ring and Roode got tossed down to the mat giving Hernandez a chance to use a suicide dive. Then Big Useless Rob Terry from the British Invasion came out to the ring causing a double DQ.

Wolfe vs Samoa Joe. The Pope was on the mic for this one. Hey Pope, did anyone snag me that wicked trenchcoat of yours yet? Joe pushed him right into the corner and started with a series of punches then threw him across to the other side and kicked him upside the skull. It looked like Wolfe was getting some headway but Joe caught him in mid-move, flipping him into a slam. Joe when for his trademark rear naked choke, but Wolfe managed to push him backwards to slam into the post. He rolled into Joe and used an arm drag before a kick to the face. Wolfe then went to his usual assault trying to take out the arm. Wolfe then got Joe on the top rope setting up for his Tower of London. Winning the match. How'd he do that? When was the last time we saw Samoa Joe loose?

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! vs Generation Me. Oh god, two more guys with long greasy hair. Oh you brought me a pet werewolf, he's cute can I keep him? Chris Sabin and the guy with the greasy dark hair started it. Sabin used an arm bar on the guy -Max? before he turned it around in his favour and used an arm bar on Sabin. Sabin got out of it with his trademark flip and a deep arm drag then a drop toe hold slamming Max to the mat. Alex Shelley tagged in continuing to work on the guy's arm. Sabin blind tagged himself back into the ring and they double teamed him with a wishbone. The blonde guy with the greasy hair-Jeremy jumped into the ring only to get a stereo round kick by both Guns! Sabin then got Max to the mat with a fist to the forehead. Another quick tag in by Shelley where upon he had Max in a sleeper in the center of the ring. Max broke out of it giving Shelley two elbows to the gut before Shelley landed a chop to him. Sabin tagged back in, and they had Max in the corner, but Max flipped Shelley out side of the ring hard. He then used a flying bulldog/hangman combo on Sabin. Jeremy tagged in, giving a flying dropkick over the top rope to Shelley knocking him once again off the ring apron. He then put an inverted atomic drop on Sabin before using a backward suicide dive on Shelley sending Shelley into the guard rail. He managed to get a near fall on Sabin, but Sabin kicked out. Max tagged back in, but Sabin got the boot up knocking the momentum out of him. With Shelley still out on the floor, Generation Me double teamed Sabin in the center of the ring. Chris Sabin managed to use a quick arm bar into a roll to tag in Alex Shelley. Shelley used a flying thrust kick to get things back into the Guns! favour. Which did not last long, as both members of Generation Me doubled teamed Shelley with a double standing moonsault. Shelley then used a dead stop on the second turnbuckle on the dark greasy haired one -Max- before Sabin got him with a mule kick. Looked like the Guns! had him with a double team but the blonde greasy haired one -Jeremy broke the pin. Sabin when for a dive, but missed landing hard on the outside god his arm while Shelley went for his trademark sliced bread but was stopped with a double 450 splash from both members of Generation Me and got the pin. I am really hating this new team.
My tag team are injured I am not happy.

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