Monday, January 4, 2010

New Jude Law movie

Is this what Repo the Genetic Opera is based on?

This is what everyone is thinking is it not? So I just went to the Chapters website and looked up the author of the novel Repo Men (formally called Repossession Mambo) Eric Garcia then went to the wiki for Repo Genetic Opera.

Similarities are abound. Both written with the idea that the world has gotten to the point that we must have to pay massive for organ transplants and the repo men themselves have to go into hiding. Both were shot in the Fall of 2007 in Toronto.

Repo Genetic Opera was created originally in the 1990's as a stage production that was turned into a film.

Repo Men (Repossession Mambo) was written in 2003-2005 as a screenplay/book that was turned into a film.

I did not care for Repo Genetic Opera. It lacked something for me, though it had a few good original ideas running through it. It seems Genetic Opera came out first.

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