Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dating 101 -Tips from the Non Dating Guru- Jan 13th

I thought I gave up dating? Didn't I ? Thought I did?
A message came in from the dating site that was just bad. I am thinking this guy must have sent it as a text from his cell phone cause it was just bad.
"U n I match Wht U lookin 4 an Wht U like"

I looked at his profile only to find he had one line in his bio. All it said was he works out of town and likes to hang out at the bar on weekends. And under his status, that he has a kid.

Okay, so he's asked what am I looking for. I replied Not a family, sorry do not date dads.
He writes me back saying "she doesn't live with me"

Nope, sorry, not going there and I have turned down alot of dads on this site. It's all there seems to be. Everyone has a deal breaker, kids are mine. I broke my own rule on this in the past for Dargo, and look where it got me.

My question is how could we be a match if there is nothing in this guy's profile to suggest his interests ? And clearly someone screwed up, cause my profile lists "do not want kids".
The guys in this city seem to think that translates into "why yes even though I do not want to have any I would be more then happy to wait hand and foot on your spawns of darkness"

I know I come across on this blog as immature as a 12 year old at a boy band concert but shouldn't communication get clearer as you get older?

I said to my friend Paula the other day, I'm done. I have had enough bad dates. No more dating for the sake of dating. I believe alot of things, as you well know from this blog, and soulmates happens to be one thing I believe in strongly.
I have said a bunch of times both in real life and on this blog that I know my soulmate is out there and when the Fates decide the time is right, he'll come into my life.

Laugh if you must. It's what I believe.
Okay that's enough laughing. You'll pop something.

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