Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Men of Jane Austen .... with a six sided twist

While back, I posted about one of the challenges for the All Jane Austen Challenge was an essay on the men in her books.
I did parts one and two with out any issues. Part three finally did me in. I was way over my head and ended up doing the end part in my own style.

Oh god Ardeth that means one of two things.

Yes Spudgun it does. And since the world of Jane Austen has already been combined a bunch of times in the last 2 years with vampires, I decided to combine it with my other favourite topic.
If you want to read the original post with comments it is here

But if you are not in the mood for all that heavy lifting I can put it in this post. Well half the post anyway, and without the comments.

And why I am about to do something completely odd. I am going to "cast my Austen men". If I was doing a production of a Jane Austen, I would choose these real life men to play her characters This would be my dream cast. Some of these names you will recognize and some will have you scratching your head as to whom they are. ( The names with ** after then are wrestlers. )

Mr. Knightley = Jay Lethal**
Mr. Elton = Randy Orton**
Frank Churchill = Austin Aries**
Colonel Brandon = I have to go with the actor who's played him and stuck in everyone mind Alan Rickman. I know there have been other actors who's played him, but for me there is no other Colonel Brandon.
Mr. Willoughby = Andrew McCarthy.
Mr. Edward Ferrars = Jack Huston
Mr. Robert Ferrars = Jimmy Jacobs**
Edmund Bertram = Jude Law
Tom Bertram = Benicio Del Toro
Mr. Crawford = Alessandro Nivola . Again, I know he played this character already, but for me there is no other Mr. Crawford. No one can live up to his version of it.
Mr. Rushworth = Ryan Reynolds.
William Elliot = Desmond Wolfe**
Captain Frederick Wentworth = Sheamus**
John Thorpe = Steven Mackintosh
Henry Tilney = James Marsters
Mr. Bingley = Chris Sabin**
Mr. Collins = Eric Young**
Mr. Wickham = Kevin Zegers. And yes I know that is a cheat as he already did the movie Jane Austen Book Club playing the character of Trey
Mr. Darcy = Alex Shelley **

Think about it my Spudgun.

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