Friday, January 22, 2010

The Book Dork is In...part 3

Last time on the Book Dork, our heroine was informed that her book club was reading Emma. Now today on the Book Dork...

Chapters Fan Member: Aren't you excited? I'm excited.

Book Dork: About a book that isn't even being released until 2012? No not really.

Chapters Fan Member: What? How can you not be excited about the release of this Young Adult Super Romance Novel that is not going to be released until 2012 that the author hasn't even written yet but has been signed to write?

Book Dork: Um 1) The book hasn't even been written yet and 2) I don't read the author's stuff. I just don't understand what makes it any different from the other generic Young Adult Super Romance Novels that are out there?

Chapters Fan Member: Well duh! Cause SHE writes Paranormal Erotic Youth Books. This series is spin off with witches from the series she did with werewolves which was a spin off from a series she did originally for vampires.

Book Dork: The author writes smut for teenagers that happens to have a Wiccan theme? Right like I said how is it any different and smut for teenagers shouldn't that be you know, wrong? I always thought Erotica was soft - to-hardcore porn with pretty covers?

Chapters Fan Member: OMG! How can you say that? How can you say Crimson Love Junkie by SHE is the same to Amber Lust Addict by HER? That's just ridiculous now isn't it? Clearly they are totally different from each other, I know right? SHE 's books are clearly stand out from the other authors in the genre cause you know her lead character is this totally tortured soul who's greatest love, soulmate even, is a vampire and they can't be together because his family would never understand cause she's a hunter and is human. Where as HER's books are totally different because it's lead character is a half human half demon who's working as a demon tracker and can't be with his greatest love, soulmate even, because she's an angel, and therefore he's this totally tortured soul and his friends who are also half demons just can't accept it.

Book Dork: Um okay.

Chapters Fan Member: AND! The whole Crimson Love Junkie series has these covers that are you know, really hot looking goth guys on the covers that are totally covered in tattoos with long straight hair where as Amber Lust Addicts series covers have emo guys on the covers that are totally covered in tattoos with hair that comes to their shoulders.

Book Dork: Um, they used the same models. And I just googled HER. It's actually HIM and they write sports reports for a large newspaper in the Montreal.

Chapters Fan Member: What are you trying to say? That a man wrote these Young Adult Super Romance Novels just for teenaged girls who have dreams of unrealistic Romeo and Juliet style heroes? Don't be silly, men can't write Young Adult Super Romance Novels. It's impossible. You're just trying to bring down my buzz about the new book being released in 2012 that the author hasn't even written yet and I won't let you.

Book Dork: Okay, I'm going to go over here now.

Tune in next time for another episode of Book Dork Adventures in Geekiness.

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