Sunday, January 17, 2010

Faking it, not just for women anymore

Season two episode 28 of Sex and the City Was it Good For You? the question of the week is "how do you know you're good in bed?"
The character of Charlotte has a guy fall asleep on her while they are having sex, and Carrie becomes the replacement vice for a guy with addictions.
In episode 16 They Shoot Single People Don't They? (also season two) the question of the week is "is it better to fake it then be alone?" Where Miranda has to fake it more then once with the same guy.

I was reading an online article about men having to fake it in bed. I have to be honest, I did not think it was physically possible for a man to fake it.
I know guys fake the rest of the relationship all the time, but in bed?

And before you get all into "well women fake it all the time" it's true that alot of women have faked it, many of us do not.
I have never. No it's not always that good, I just am rude and will tell the guy it's not working. I see no reason to fake it.
If you fake it once, and the relationship extends from a one night stand to a proper relationship or even just f**k buddies, then you are more then likely having to fake it every time.

That is false advertising.

So I put the question out there to a few of my straight male friends. Two were cool enough to reply.

Guy #1 - Never faked it. Never had to.

Guy #2 - Faked it with one girl, but she was a psycho. The relationship fell apart.

Hmmm. Makes me wonder about the way men and women really relate to each other? The more men are willing to communicate, the more it seems everything we have come to learn about them is just not true.

I have said before that if I live to be 200 I will not figure men out. Starting to think that is the ultimate truth. The more I learn about relationships, the less I understand.
Like Guy#2 telling me that men do get the goofy grins for hours afterward thinking about us the same way us women spend half our day after sex.
Interesting bit of info.

So I have to ask, faking it a plus or a minus?


ardeth blood said...

Okay so after I wrote that, Guy #3 replied to my email.
He said he's had to fake it more then once with more then one girl.

For a generation that is suppose to be living the next stage of the sexual revolution, what are we doing to make us so bad in bed?

Anonymous said...

to answer some of your blog questions, I think we are faking it, but I think it's because most people have to.

I don't... I refuse to fake why I'm having sex with someone. I never lie to a girl and tell them I like them or have feelings for them just to have sex with them. For the most part, I let the girl know that I'm an adult, she's an adult, and we both want to have sex, thus... sex is happening. The problem with that is, most women can't separate sex from emotion and they lie to themselves and convince themselves that it's more than sex, even for me, and that I'm going to change my mind after.


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