Monday, January 11, 2010

New Candace Bushnell

So I am flipping through Chapters Online to see what I might want to buy this month, when I see something that makes me just a little hyper.
A title called "Carrie Diaries" on the Pre-Order list. Is it true? Could it be ? A new novel from Candace Bushnell?
Not just any but a Sex and the City book. Only thing is, there is no summery for it. I have no idea what this book is about. No clue where in the mythology of the Sex and the City world this book takes place. And of course, it's listed for April before it's to be released.
Totally genius given the second SATC movie is slotted for May.
So I googled Candace Bushnell books, and come across a newspaper article from 2008 that stated Bushnell was penning a series of young adult books that star her character Carrie Bradshaw.
Is this the mythical book?
As we get closer to the spring, you know I am going to be hounding my local book store.

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