Friday, January 1, 2010

The Book Dork Is In.

Last time on the Book Dork our heroine was standing lost in the middle of the book store unable to reach a copy of Vanity Fair that was perched very high on a top shelf and she had to find a sales person to help her reach it. Only, the sales people were just as short and no one could find a step ladder.
Now today on the Book Dork....

Book Dork : "So has the shipment of Bridget Jones's Diary Edge of Reason come in?"

Sales person: "No. Sorry it hasn't."

Book Dork : " But it's Tuesday. It's new release day. Thought you got them on Monday nights?"

Sales person : "Yes, but Bridget didn't come in. "

Book Dork: " You suck."

Sales person: "Better then you do honey."

Stay tuned for another episode of the Book Dork Adventures in Geekiness.

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