Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dating 101 -Tips from the Non Dating Guru

Humour me.

The universe is teasing me. For those of you who read my relationship posts, you will remember my series I did over the summer when I was actually dating again. "Are there any single straight men left on the planet?". When I was talking about the Austin Aries Look A Like (nope never did find a better tagline for him.)
Well, I just got messaged by a guy who looks like another wrestler. This dude is a dead ringer for Sonjay Dutt. So weird man, so weird. Does this mean the universe will send me an Alex Shelley look alike soon? Here's hoping.
Anyway, the Sonjay look alike, seems a little hyper, as he kind of skipped the intro part and started in with a to do list for our first date. Um excuse me? I did not even agree to actually go out with you? Top it all off he owns a club/bar in town. Last thing I want is another bar star. I have been there, done that 3 times in the past. Yeah, 3 different times. (the creep who cheated on me with my cousin was a bar star 24/7. The dude after him was a Bartender. And the dude after that was Trainwreck the dj/musician.)
Seriously, Any guys at all who are not actors or djs or musicians in this city? Why can't I meet a nice quiet photographer or painter or even an English teacher or something that does not have the guy in a bar all the time?


Paula said...

that should throw up a red flag when a guy skips the intro and is into what your date would be like, I would be like wow back up since when did I agree to this date, dude I don't even know you for a hole in the wall. And if he's a bar type person which obviously your not compatible with I'd be like thanks but no thanks.

ardeth blood said...

Oh yeah. He sent me a second message telling me to add him to msn with his name on there and that he'd be home at midnight from going with his buddy to the Casino, for me to be ready to chat.
WTF? 1) I have it right in my profile that I do NOT do msn/yahoo chats at all. 2) I never returned his first message why the hell would he send a second?
Seriously, there is no decent guys in this city. Really I have stopped looking locally.

Anonymous said...

U dint leaf a tip


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