Monday, January 4, 2010

Why you write that ?

Some guy message me on the dating site asking what kind of books I write. Told him romance novels.
He replied "but yet you've got a profile on a dating site what could you know about romance ?"
My answer was "of course. Why do you think most romance writers are singletons. We write the perfect story that we can't seem to create in real life."
That seemed to shut him up.
But it also made me feel like total dren.
So I went to blockbuster and bought the dvd He's Just Not That Into You because I am an emotional cutter who needs to be reminded why I am a looser. Yeah, 36 is creeping up (ten weeks from today.) And all I have is this damned blog. Well, the damned novel is nearly done so by end of the year I'll have a book too.

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