Sunday, January 3, 2010

Writer's Block Writer's Block

I need help!

I spent the day today working on the novel, and now.... now I am stuck. God Damn It! I hate that you get a rhythm going and bam! brain shuts down.

So I was like okay dude you need to relax do something that you don't really need your full brain power for, so I put Best of the X-Division Vol 2 into the dvd player and am watching on reply a match between Shelley/Sabin/Aries/Williams, you know the one where Alex Shelley comes out in the trenchcoat and gets slammed into the rail by a wicked suicide dive from Chris Sabin. Now I have watched this match a billion times in the last few years and I can just zone out while its on. It's the little shorts Shelley is wearing let's all admit it, we want him to bring those back in fashion.

So now I am looking over the last two pages I have written and there is one line that is driving me nuts. I have tried to rewrite it six times and I just can't seem to get the scene to work. If I take out a certain piece from the novel it makes zero sense for the two scenes before it. If I leave it in, it becomes redundant. GGGGGRRRRRRR!

These are the real true moments when I wish I had a husband. That way I could have him edit for me. Do all the heavy lifting.

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