Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh God! He killed her!

I used a screen capture for this post.

I just had the craziest chat with Paula about our blogs and our most popular posts. I was laughing so much the last few minutes I thought I would pop something. This is what happens when you have way too much time on your hands and your friend's boyfriend has gone to bed early and she has nothing better to do.

Paula: does she like me? does she hate me? oooo it's Chris's she hates his hair now I got something to ride him about

Me: when one of them starts to say things like "what's our wife blogging about today" then I know I have them in the palm of my greedy little hand. As I have said countless of times that I nag them because I do not have a husband to nag. I have actually said that in posts. And I have said all it would take for me to stop is 1) he grants me an interview or 2) I get a husband.

Paula: there ya go

Me: So he's stuck with me until one of those two things happens. or kills me with a chainsaw

Paula: killing you would not be good

Me: oh how so?

Paula: you wanna be killed with a chainsaw? I wouldn't want you to be

Me: no that would be painful and messy.

Paula: I'd be sad no more kim. Kim would be SPLAT

Me: more slurt

Paula: *laughing at me*

Me: chainsaw gutting you not a splat more a slurpt...or a gruggle

Paula: so they'd either find you fast or in chris's case find you years from now

Me: *mad fits of laughter till I can't breathe*

Paula: well this is true. and they would only be a few years cause alex would come in and clean and go ewww chris what is this

Me: specially if he kills me in my own apartment. Plenty of books and boxes and piles of dirty stuff to hide me in

Paula: Then chris would start the chainsaw again

Me: I think this might be blog worthy

Paula: it probably is. funny as hell I know that. and chris would go what I killed her and she liked you time to saw you my friend nothing personal just chics and all

Me : *mad laughter* awww you have the imaginary MMG fighting over me

Paula: sure why not? that's what the imagination is for


Anonymous said...

Ardeth you said you would leave him alone if he let you interview him, what if he does not want you to leave him alone.

Chris likes the attention. :)

Paula said...

if this is true at least it would be nice for him to say hey even if he was anonymous

ardeth blood said...

Or you know, I have my email posted on the blog. Comments are great, emails are good too.


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