Thursday, January 28, 2010

Twitter me this

Again, floating around the internet today some more bored trying to get inspired. And what do I spy with my tired make-upless eye? But a bunch of little blue birds all over the net.
Flocks and flocks of "follow me on Twitter" birds.

Okay, I have a twitter. Have had it for a few years only dust it off about once a week if I remember on TNA review day.
Why does every blog need a damned twitter mate? Is your life that jam packed that you can't spend ten minutes a day updating your blog? Oh I'm sorry you have to waste that time x8 to twitter in 140 characters or less from your cell phone.

Right. Yes I am bitter about the twitter.

I hate hate hate going to other people's blogs which are always full of blinkies and badges and crap on designed templates that have their own signature and did I mention the blinkies only to find it's just a large ad filled back drop for a sidebar with the longest twitter updates on the frealing planet.

Still bitter about the twitter.

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