Friday, February 26, 2010

666 Posts

Whoo Hoo!
I have hit 666 posts on this blog!


How do I want to celebrate this post? Well, I could go into a whole thing on the number 9. (6+6+6=18=9) Or chat about the Lovers card in Tarot. Or I could talk about the movie the Omen.
But, not only have I done all that on other sites, that is what would be expected in reference to the number 666.

I can't do what you would expect. And I can't go on and chat about Mr. Shelley or Mr. Sabin in this post either, cause that is what my regular Spudguns would expect.

How can I celebrate having reached 666 blog posts without doing what you would all expect from me?

I know, we'll dance! (I found this on youtube )

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