Friday, February 12, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Feb 11th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

I have sent so many emails in panic to iTunes Canada, I think they have one person assigned to my account. iTunes Canada had it for download tonight.

And you know the show started off with that old man who really needs to admit it's time for a hair cut and shave, yammering on about how people are now talking about TNA. Dude, people have been talking about TNA for the last 7 years. Bored Now. I actually thought about just doing the dishes while he was on, and I hate doing the dishes. I would rather clean the toilet five times in a row then do the damned dishes. Then I remembered, I have a fast forward button cause it's iTunes.

Then Eric Yummy.... er um Eric Young came to the ring. I like beautiful men okay

Then we had another qualifying match for the 8 card stud tournament. Pope vs Orlando Jordan.
My money is on the Pope, and I am still waiting for someone in the X-Division to snag me that wicked trenchcoat. They started with a collar tie up, with Jordan getting the advantage with an elbow. Pope then turned it around with two deep arm drags. Jordan when for a thumb to the eyes before sweeping out the leg of Pope. He then used a swinging neckbreaker getting Pope down on the mat before using a large back breaker. Pope managed to turn it back in his favour with an inverted atomic drop then a large flying forearm. Pope then used his trademark coronation (smooth slide) for a near fall. Jordan used a spinebuster for a near fall. Pope used his trademark knees to the back (Denaro Express) for the win. He qualifies for the ppv this weekend.

The next qualifying match is Suicide vs Matt Morgan the evil druid. Suicide was pushed into the corner, but he used the ropes to leap over Morgan and bounce off the far side with a series of kicks. Suicide went for a drop kick but Morgan the evil druid caught him in midair tossing him overhead. He then got Suicide into the corner for his rapid fire elbows. Morgan then used a simple side slam drop on Suicide, before Suicide used a spring board drop kick to turn it back in his favour. Morgan used his carbon footprint for the win.

X-Division title match. Amazing Red vs Doug Williams. Williams grabbed the leg of Red spinning him but getting kicked upside the skull. Red got him cornered with a series of punches before taking the knees out from under Williams. Each used a form of roll up for a near fall, before Williams used a wheelbarrow press to get the advantage. He then used a leg scissors getting Red in the center of the mat. Red did manage to get it back around and toss Williams out of the ring, which set up perfect for his twisting corkscrew dive. He used a spin kick but only got a near fall. Red was going for a high risk move but Williams sidestepped throwing him shoulder first into the ring post. Williams was then wide open for his rolling chaos theory for the win.

Knock Out handi cap match. Beautiful People vs Love/Tara. No not breaking my rule. Hey was it my imagination or was the shot Love put on Lacey a really hard hit? Velvet sky got the pin on Love with a cheat.

Wolfe's promo was funny. I like Wolfe. He was in a tag team match with Hernandez vs Mr. Anderson/Kurt Angle. Hernandez and Anderson started it off. Anderson used a few kicks and a rake to the face to get the upper hand. Hernandez used a closeline chop plus a large splash in the corner before tearing off his shirt for the necktie toss. Angle got tagged in by Anderson, and slapped a hammerlock on Hernandez. He turned it around on Angle before Wolfe used a cheap shot (a kick from the outside on Angle) Wolfe blindtagged himself in using a sweeping slam on Angle. He continued to work on the arm with a top wrist lock/hip drag combo. Angle countered with a release suplex, letting Hernandez tag in, with a flying shoulder block. Wolfe tagged back in and used a vicious upper forearm knocking Angle down to the mat. Angle managed to get the ankle lock on Wolfe, making him tag but the ref was out of range, then Hernandez tagged back in only to be given a suplex off the top turnbuckle. Chaos for a few minutes with everyone in the ring, then Wolfe used his hammerlock drop on Angle for a near fall. Just as Wolfe was going for his tower of london, Angle countered it and used a side slam, where upon Anderson blindtagged himself in. Anderson tossed Angle out of the ring and hooked the leg on Wolfe for the win.

I still think the ramp is stupid and dangerous. Samoa Joe came out to a round of idiots moshing in the front row. Where the hell do you guys find the people for the front row any way? The back of the short bus? He called out A.J. Styles. I agree, Styles is boring now. Go back to your old look. Mr. Styles, come close to the computer, I have to tell you something, you as a Heel, just not a good fit. I do not feel you as a Heel.

And where the hell were the MotorCityMachine Guns! huh?

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