Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What defines you?

I am sitting here, with the movie Motherhood on with commentary cause I am a commentary junkie. Watched it proper yesterday.
And if you have not been to the official movie website you should, it's a mock mommy blog. Only it's not totally made up, some of it is from real mommy blogs.

And that brings me to the title of this post.
What defines you?

I am NOT a mommy and this is anything but a mommy blog. Which 90% of blogs out there are.
Most blogs fall into a few classifications, mommy blog (or the sudden new daddy blogs) cooking blogs, review blogs, hobby blogs, religion blogs.
The rest of us are personal blogs.

Where you fit?

Few weeks ago, I asked Buddy #P if he thought I could do a fake mommy blog. Long story as to why the topic was brought up. He said go for it.
You know what, 30 minutes later not only was I realizing there was no way I could -as one needs photos of the "kids" and things like that for a mommy blog- I was down right bored with the idea.

30 minutes after thinking about doing a mommy blog and the idea was no longer interesting. This is why I am not a mommy. I could never commit to something or someone outside of myself like that.
Another reason I do not have a husband and at this rate never will.

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