Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What I learned from Sex and the City part 9

The idea that Sex does infact mean something is done well in season 3. (Episode 36 Are We Sluts? )
But how does that transfer over into real life?
If you read my last post about the Friday the 13th movie - then you know I am still alittle on the defensive about the month of February. Ninja hasn't talked to me in months, and I figured I knew why, it was either her Mr. Big back into her life (bad scene man) or else the Professor ;of whom I do not approve of. It seems it's the Prof.
What's wrong with him you are asking. Well, don't choke on your tartini, but he's a married man with kids not too mention he's older then I am. (for those who don't know. I am 8 years older then Ninja)
Ninja had scoffed and belittled me when she found out about a couple (okay all my ex's) being younger then me (Devs the guy from Boston was my sister's age) calling me names; the lest of which was a Cougar. Seems she can dish it but she can't take it.
Advice I mean...mostly.

In episode 36 of Sex and the City (Are We Sluts?) Carrie is put through the emotional ringer trying to understand why Aidan won't sleep with her. Not too mention Samantha is threatened into moving out of her building. One girl not getting any the other getting many.

I am sitting here wondering why the double standard in my family? Why is it okay for my sister to be dating an older man, but not okay for me to be dating younger men? Granted this post is running more like episode 4 from season one (Valley fo the Twenty-Something Guys) but I liked the title of the other episode better for this.

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