Sunday, December 27, 2009

What I Did for Boxing Day Week.

More traditional bloggers would call it "what I did for christmas" but I don't do christmas.
I do however do boxing day. So this past week, was spent avoiding my family as best as possible.

I did have to trek to mom's yesterday cause she bought me a new electric kettle. Nice.
Otherwise, I stayed home in my pajamas most the week renting movies off iTunes Canada.

Rented Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which I did a small review as part of the all Pagan/Witch Challenge that I am part of. You can read it here

Rented How to Be, which stars Rob Pattinson from the twilight movies. I was surprised to see the dude can actually act. I'm not kidding. His acting was good.

Rented Mrs. Potter, about the writer Beatrix Potter who made all those kids books. Seen it before just wanted a chick flick cry movie.

Rented Angels and Demons, (theatrical version) and what do I think of it? it seems to be having an identity crisis. It starts off very anti christian and then some how goes pro christian. That disappointed me. Um dude pick a side and stick with it.

Now the plan today is to go to the cinema to see Sherlock Holmes. That is if the weather isn't too bad or too dangerous under foot. We had a massive melt yesterday which looks like it's frozen over again today. Last thing I want to do is try to walk on a city wide hockey rink. That just not happening.

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