Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do Men Hate Their Thighs?

I was reading a few articles on the male ego and relationships. One of the topics was men and body image. Specifically the size of a man's .... stomach. You thought I was going to say d*ck didn't you? Well, that was on the list too, but I was kind of surprised to see that the men they had polled were very self conscious about their waistlines.
I find that hard to believe and difficult to swallow. But, it seems that according to the article close to 70% of men are fearful of a weight issue in regards to sex.

You know that is news to me, as all the guys I have ever been with have walked around like proud little monkeys infront of very see through silk curtains totally naked. I'm sure the neighbours on the east side of the building have had more then a few peep shows if they were ever looking out their windows.

But now you got my little zombie brain wondering, do men hate the rest of their bodies the way women do? (Every woman hates her thighs. Doesn't matter if she's a size zero or a size 40w, her thighs are her worst nightmare. Second then to her ass and the sagginess of her boobs.)
Personally I like a tummy on a man. There is just something primal about it. But these articles went on to talk about how easily men can be hurt emotionally by simply making a comment about the size of their guts. (More and more has come out in the last few years about men and eating disorders like Anorexia.) Honestly now, I can't see me having had any affect on any guy's ego, bruised, hurt or otherwise, from talking about the size of his tummy.

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