Saturday, December 19, 2009

Why would a women kill herself over a man?

Okay, this is going to be a scorcher. Was watching movie previews on iTunes Canada came across Romeo and Juliet. I think I am the only woman who didn't take to that film. But anyway, why is it that when a man leaves us, we get so destroyed that some women actually take their own life?
No man is worth killing yourself for. None.

You never hear about a man killing himself over a woman. It just does not happen outside of well Romeo and Juliet. And don't even start with the Twilight New Moon story line at me cause it's a retelling of Romeo and Juliet.

Follow me.

We get the worst end of it always. We women get so emotionally invested in you men that no matter what happens we never want to loose you. Ever.
Another thing I can't understand are women who try to fight to keep a cheating man. Watched that up close and personal for over 20 year and all I have to say is he wasn't worth it. If a man cheats on you then he is not worth your time and energy to fight for because he doesn't give a dren about you. When you have a situation where a woman cheats on a man, he doesn't bother trying to keep her. He just packs up his dren and finds the next warm body to shack up with. No crying, no over eating, no bad movies with more crying, no too much drinking, no spending too much money on shopping to feel better.
Why, because men don't care the way we do.

So why then would a self respecting so called independent woman decide to kill herself over some d*ck? And it happens all the time, specially between Nov 16th and Feb 19th. Like lemmings or something.

I've been cheated on enough times that I know how badly it hurts. How much damage it does to you're spirit. And I am all for cry fests, and over eating, and drinking too much and maxing out the credit cards to get you through. Cause no man is worth killing yourself over. Not even your favourite tag team.

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