Tuesday, December 1, 2009

But Gibby, that will shred you

Me: I finally got that damned MRI booked

Erin: MRI? Why would Dr. S. book you for an MRI? You have 3 pounds of metal in your body. An MRI will shred you like hamburger.

Me: So I should cancel it then?

Erin: What's the MRI for?

Me: The skull crushing headaches.

Erin: Thought you had medication for those migraines?

Me: This is different skull crushing headaches. More then migraines. Worse.

Erin: Oh Gibby. Dr. S. should know better then to order you an MRI. You'll never get to meet your tag team Chris whoishis name and that Alex Whatis handle if you are dead ...well not like you have much of a chance to meet them as it is. *Deep laughter* But you really won't get to meet them if you're dead. Ripped apart by an MRI machine. Ordering an MRI for someone who's half metal is just stupid. It's a bad idea.

Me: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Erin: Well, Gibby I don't want to see you dead.

Me: I meant about the tag team part and never having a chance to meet them.

Erin: You're welcome on that. Got to keep your head out of the clouds.

If you remember, I have said a few times I am suppose to be going in next week for an MRI.
My friend Erin, who is a nurse doesn't think it's a good idea at all. So I phoned the hospital and left a message for them to call me back on the topic.

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