Sunday, December 6, 2009

But Gibby, that will shred you Continued

So I heard back today from the hospital about the MRI.
Seems since my surgeries were over a year ago (arm 19 years ago, right ankle 12 years ago, left ankle 7 years ago) they feel I will be fine in the MRI machine.

So it's game on for trying to discover why I have been having these skull shattering headaches.
Which I have not had one of since they booked the appointment. Why is that every time you finally get the doctor's appointment the thing bothering you stops?

Does this make me feel any better? None.
I am scared, just terrified what might be causing these headaches.

I have been trying not to think about the whole thing, try to work on my crappy little book that I am hating, and try to just get back into a regular routine. As you can see by my last post where I started nagging Chris Sabin about something new. Just trying to keep it light.

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