Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bridget Jones Was Never Fat

The character never goes up past 155 pounds, nor did the actress. That is not fat. That is average. And the actress gained the weight under the guidance of a personal trainer. She never got "fat" fat, she got bulky.

I've always been a larger sized woman, even when I was thin I was never small. Last summer, one of the bad dates I had made a comment about my weight. It was the Austin Aries -Look a -Like who, and I was in a nervous state cause this dude was so good looking, made the comment that I was "the small side of fat".

Uhm what is that suppose to mean?

When I was at my worst I was 300 pounds. (1999) No joke.
When I was at my worst in the other direction I was 120 pounds. (2004) No joke. That point I was sick. (Acid Reflux, Inflamed Liver and Gallstones) I was sitting at a nice healthy 135 pounds before the car accident. Now since I can't work out anymore, I'm at 159 pounds. It's tough man, but hey, if that's the trade off for having survived an accident the doctor's didn't think I should have survived, I am not going to complain.

So yeah, okay I'm a medium sized woman right now, and middle aged. Turning 36 in the spring has a very scary undertone to it.

And you're thinking what brought this on today and oh my god she just told the world her weight.

I was watching Bridget Jones's Diary just now. (And I'm short too, only 5 foot 7. ) Thinking how pathetic my love life has been, that I can identify with having had the "Daniel Cleaver" type guy in my life, but never the "Mark Darcy". This comes back to my post the other day about bad boys
and how I seem to be a magnate for them. The Trainwreck was the biggest Daniel Cleaver of them all.


WWE Girl said...

5'7 for a girl is not considered short by any stretch it is considered tall. I stand at 5'7 and am taller than other people I know. People think short as just 5 feet tall.

ardeth blood said...

It is when you come from a family of 6'3 men and 5'11 women.


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