Thursday, December 17, 2009

Are we addicted to bad boys?

One of my favourite movies is Last Days of Disco, and in it there is a scene where the character of Josh is talking about how the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp is a metaphor for the bad boy. The first time I saw Last Days of Disco, I was laughing and going "I totally get that".
For those who have not seen the movie, the scene breaks down the fact that Lady is a innocent little thing, and Tramp is a reckless slacker who is only out for himself, and compares it to the fact that when women get to a point in their lives they end up dreaming about guys who share those qualities. Makes sense when you think about it.
I did a post on the women's site I'm part of few weeks ago about why Twilight is bad for us. I pointed out the fact that both Edward and Jacob are abusive boyfriends. As you can guess, I got alot of the women on the site pissed off with me. And I care why? Well I don't. But that's another post for another time (oh wait I did that post already over a year ago and I'm too damned lazy to hunt for it. Think it was Sparkle and Shine?)
But it seems to be a trend we women keep making. Mistake after mistake after mistake. Somehow, for whatever reason we keep falling for men who are possessive, rude, disrespectful, liars and cheaters. I know I keep banging my head against the wall trying to understand why I keep falling for bad boys? Is this why? Because it's been programmed into us? Like Beauty and the Beast for example. Another classic film filled with a girl who gets kidnapped, isolated, terrorized, and lied to. Hmmm.
I have admitted that when watching wrestling, I always prefer the Heels over the Faces, because the Heels are more fun. (um my new obsession is Sheamus so what does that tell you) Also why I think so many women love Dracula. There's the ultimate bad boy. Jane Austen's novels have more bad boys then heroes, and even her heroes have a slight edge to them.

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