Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gibby don't be a dork

I did not get to the cinema today. The city is like one big ice rink.
But, was on phone with Erin. She has an amazing two days off. Whoo hoo! So the plan is for us and the girls to go to the movie tomorrow. When I say girls I am meaning my niece and her friends. They are 14. Phone call went like this. (I haven't laughed so damn much in months)

Me: So you want me to meet you guys at the cinema?

Erin : Gibby don't be a dork. You think I would let you try to cross the damned street with it being this icy. Oh my god. No. I'll pick you up. Ken's staying home with the twins, so I'll have the truck. You silly goose. You think I would let you kill yourself walking out of the damned house. God I almost wiped out just taking Ottis for a walk. Besides, I don't want Viola killing me cause you broke a body part. I've got the four by four pick you up. Oh your Niece and her friend Face...

Me: And who?

Erin: Face. your Niece's best friend.

Me: Face? Their name is Face? Okay.

Erin: Yeah, I know eh? But yeah they might come too. Don't know totally yet. Oh crap my nail fell off into the potatoes *mad laughter* Remind me again why I let your Niece do my nails? They were pretty before I started making dinner. Never get to have pretty nails cause work I'm not allowed to have my nails done. Your Niece got a manicure set for christmas, and I let her do my nails last night. Half blue, half black with little Rhinestones .... oh there goes another rhinestone. *more laughter* Oh god. But yeah, pick you up tomorrow.

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