Saturday, December 26, 2009

I was 24 when I wrote it god

Was shuffling around the house thinking about my novel trying to get back into the head space of the characters, when I remembered I had signed up for WWEGIRL's all Pagan/Witch challenge.
I did my first challenge the other day. Yay me.
One of my challenges is to rework a story I wrote back in 1997-98 about a coven of witches. So I had to go digging through my storage bin of writing to find where I put the damned thing.
Lucky for me, it's one of the rare few manuscripts that I put in a essay cover and all the pages were together. I'm famous for just shoving the finished pages of stuff into the storage bin of writing and having to try and locate all the missing pieces. But this time, all in one binder.
So this morning I spent the last hour reading the first chapter of my witches story. And I am seeing the first thing that needs to be done. The names all must be changed. Well, not all, just three really. I gave them names that back when I wrote it, sounded very "heavy metal" to me.
Hey now I was 24 when I wrote it, still worshiping the ground that Sepultura walked on. Yeah, there's alot of characters wearing "faded Motorhead tees and ripped jeans" alot.
But it was painful to see just how much I had been "pop cultured" with the writing of this one. Oh the songs. Very Bad of me. You can tell what bands I was into back then. Like I said lots of Motorhead references.
This is going to be weird working on this second draft of this story all these years later. My characters were so innocent, first love type crap. So the question is can I revisit these characters without changing the core of the story, being in my mid 30's?

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