Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I hate my book

I am not happy at all with the way things are coming with my book.
I let someone else talk me into doing a collection of short stories which, even though I wrote them, I have no real connection to. I wrote 3 of them 12 years ago, and the re-writes are killing me. The other two, well the one is the smutty werewolf story, and the last is one I can't seem to find the voice for.
Not happy.

What's killing me the most is, that I dropped a novel to do this project. A novel I have been working on since April, that I love. A novel that is so rich in characters, one that has parts of my own childhood in it, to do this project.
I am mad at myself for that.

And the worst part is, the collection of shorts, I have other people now invested in it. The person who is giving me the loan and the person who is doing the cover art.

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