Monday, November 30, 2009

Bite of the Thristy Undead

I wanted to do this post with a different title, but there was a few movies that carried the title I wanted to use, and it has nothing to do with those films.

But, the topic today is movies that have multiple titles, or titles that have multiple movies.

Follow me?

This seems to be a big theme in the vampire movie genre. But then again, how often can you do a movie in this genre with a new title every time, considering about 20 vampire movies get made a year.

Let's take the title Thirst. There are at lest 3 off the top of my head I can think of Thirst 1979, the Thirst 2006, and the Thirst 2009. All very different movies but all vampire films.

I was having this chat with WWEGIRL, and she looked up Bloodsuckers. There were more then 20 different listings for that title.

I won't even get started on the Dracula films. That's a week in itself.

Hammer Films, that did their series of vampire movies in the 1960s/1970s released their movies with more then one title each. Makes it confusing to know what one's you actually viewed.

So why to companies do this? If it causes confusion for viewers who are hunting down a film?

Next up, Kiss of the Vampire. Um which one? There are a few with that title. And it only gets worse when your hunting online only to find there are no poster art to go with the title. You really have to spend the time and dedication if you want to know your genre.
But for those of us out there, Forrest J Ackerman was a god among men. The anniversary of his death is this Friday Dec 4th.
He was the horror collector's god. No one else had the kind of collection he did. If I have one regret in this life, it's that I never got to meet him. It was on my life goals list but sadly, Mr. Ackerman died last year.

Okay enough with the fangs and coffins for today. I'll be back again to take a bite out of the genre.


wwegirl said...

ok so what does this say about me since I share my birthday on his death :O

ardeth blood said...

Hmmm.... That is a strange question for a strange post by a strange person.!


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