Monday, November 23, 2009

Talk to 'em already

Buddy #7 , who is on a bunch of sites with me is totally in love with this chick he knows, but is too damned scared to tell her.
I keep telling him he needs to let her know. Don't understand what his deal is on why he won't tell her. They have been friends for a few years, and he's wasting away scared to let this chick know.

I know if there was a man on this planet who sort of -kind of- maybe even thought I was interesting enough to like, I would want to know.

And I just finished going through this whole situation with Buddy #3. He was hot for this chick for months, and every day I would ask if he'd talked to her yet, cause a man pining away is never a pretty sight at all. Finally, he got the nerve to tell this woman and now they have been together for a month. See, I'm right.
I used to be a wicked matchmaker back in the day. Back in high school, I could pair people up like I was Aphrodite herself or something. I only misjudged once. That once though caused such a ripple in my social circle through the end of high school and continued through college. I never did really get back into the swing of matchmaking again.

So Buddy #7 there turns it around on me and asks if I've ever had an issue telling someone I like them?
Um dude do you read my blog?
The really sad and pathetic part is there is no one I like other then the MotorCityMachine Guns!
And I think they got the hint by now.

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