Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eric Young's hot, can I have him?

I used screen captures for this post

I have been saying for a long time now, (okay not as loud as I have about some of the other guys) that Eric Young is a force in the wrestling world.

But remember he's one of the top Canadian Celebrities I would love to meet. And he's on my top ten sexiest man alive list.
It's great to see him getting the attention in TNA that he deserves. Even better to see a belt around his waist.

As I stated in my post on my other blog that I firmly see Eric Young having the TNA Heavy Weight belt before too long.
He's talented, well versed in the ring, and I like to look at him too.
What I don't understand is why did it take TNA so damn long to put Eric Young up into the spotlight?

He's been a fan favourite since the beginning, and has proven that he can play innocent Face or nasty Heel.
Either way he's cute all around.

I know the fans don't always show the kind of love towards the wrestlers that they should, for all the work the guys put into the shows every week, and lots of time the heart and backbone of the company get pushed aside. I fear I have been extremely guilty of this.
Let me start to try to make up for this.

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