Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Rising

I have shown my distaste for it,
I have defended other horror site writers for reporting on it,
I have bitched about the stalker themes in it,
I have praised the control on use of sex in it,
And I now find myself posting on it.

The next part of the Twilight series hits the cinema this weekend.

Will I be going? Of course I will, in my "Then Buffy Staked Edward the End" t-shirt.

Which I am sure will get popcorn and other objects thrown at me, in much a similar way Trent Acid was covered in crap weekly by JCW fans when he worked for the company.

The whole Twilight thing has been both a blessing and a curse for not just vampire fans, but romance fans, werewolf fans, and Jane Austen fans.


Yes Spudgun, the original Twilight is a remade version of Pride and Prejudice. We all know that as the author herself admitted it. But that is neither here nor there.
Yes, I sat through the first film in great pain, and read the series of books on the good faith my cousin would read just one other vampire novel Renfield Slave of Dracula by Barbra Hambly, of which I am still waiting for cousin to keep her end of the deal.

And this leads me to say this to the people who have somehow avoided the slockliness that is Twilight, the books get out of the heavy vampire stuff and into heavy werewolf stuff. And that my pets, my dear readers, is where the books have their strength.

I can't believe I just said Stephine Meyers has strength in her writing, but I did. Her werewolves are extremely well thought out.
Her vampires blow dog backwards, but her werewolves are good.

I don't get where the woman has her head though, given both her lead males are possessive stalkers who act like crazy people. What the hell are you feeding the next generation of women?
You read Beauty and the Beast one time too many lady.
But that is another rant for another day.

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