Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon Review-Sort of

Okay, I had planned on going to the early show this morning, got up suffering a wicked sinus headache and saw that it was pouring outside. Hmmm. Decided to kick back with an episode of Farscape and wait to see if the storm stopped. It did around mid afternoon, and left a really great damp misty-fog. Perfect vampire movie weather. I realized that the same thing happened last year when I was set to see the first one. Hmmmm. Both times I was middle of the day before I totally made up my mind to see it.
Here's me thinking, that the movie would not be so packed at 3:30pm, given that out of 12 screening rooms, 3 were playing it back to back all day.

Hahahaha! I'm a sucker aren't I ? Not only was the cinema packed, they had to have guard rails. Hired extra staff for this film. I know weird eh? It's just a movie. It's not Star Trek or anything.

The previews started then blackness, the sea of teenaged girls all turning off their cell phones and then.... the preview for Rob Pattinson's next film came on screen. Which I had to admit, his next movie looks half decent. So this preview comes on and I lost my hearing. The entire screening room was one giant reverberating scream of pre-teen girls. I actually turned to see if the actors were in the building or something. I still have a ringing in my ears and it's like 5 hours later.

Movie starts finally and I have to say I was/am not a fan of this series. Had I known about the whole thing before I saw the first movie last year, I would have skipped book 1, 2, and 4, and just read 3 and waited for the 3rd film. Stupid me, I guess I like to be stubborn or something.

Anyways, I was looking forward to seeing Graham Greene as the character Harry Clearwater and Michael Sheen as Aro. Both actors have played werewolves before, Graham Greene was on Wolf Lake in 2001 and Michael Sheen played Lucan in all 3 of the Underworlds, so I was looking forward to these two actors.

Graham Greene had 5 minutes of air time, 2 scenes and 4 lines. What a rip off.
And about the same for Michael Sheen, so I was bored.
Now I have to ask, did they even write a script for this or just hand the actors the books and have them use that? It was word for word not much was changed that I could see.

This was a stronger storyline, which I am surprised at myself for saying this, but the acting was alot better then in the first one. The character of Bella is not as stiff and the scenes between her and Jacob were actually good ones. They could have cut out all the vamp stuff in this one and just used the werewolf stuff and I would have been happy.

Yes Spudgun, I your Crazy Vampire Lady, Vampire Queen have just ripped on a vampire and voted werewolf instead. It happens don't strain yourself thinking too much on it.

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