Monday, November 23, 2009

What makes a knight in shining armor?

Back in the summer I asked what makes a hunk ?
I'm a writer, I have to ask such things silly Spudgun.
Now, I am asking, what makes a knight in shining armor? In this day and age, what can you expect from a guy that is considered .... knightly ?

Where is this coming from? Well I just finished writing a scene where my lead male had to do something that would come across as hero like.

If we don't need to be saved from fire-breathing dragons anymore and can stake our own vampires as they crawl out of their graves, what can you boys do to impress us? Honestly, what is considered knight worthy now? And I ask because I have never seen a man in real life do something knightly. (Emergency workers don't count in this situation. That's their career choice)
That would make a woman drool for days over him. The kind of thing that would lead you to dream of the man rescuing you in that way over and over and.... you get the idea.

I asked one of my married friends this question, and she simply said when her husband changes a flat tire on her car for her.
I can see how she would consider it knightly of him.

As you can tell, if I am asking it's because no one has ever come to my rescue. I have nothing in personal experience to draw from.

So, what makes a knight in shining armor?

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