Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blindfolded and it feels like flying

Once again going with a little Hugh Dillon for a quote.

Well, My week was a total bucket of dren how was yours?

Well mine was...

That was a rhetorical question Spudgun no one is actually suppose to answer. Yeah anyway, it was Hallowe'en weekend and that should have been a rocking good time but it was the biggest let down I've had in years. I did go and see the Vampire's Assistant on Hallowe'en afternoon. That was a fairly good film, so I bought the book.
And I am trying to get an author's interview with Mr. Shan so lets see if I can.

Speaking of author interviews, I am ready to strangle Stacey Voss. Oh yeah it's true it's damn true. You know I am disgusted when I start quoting Kurt Angle.
I spent time following her tour so that I didn't ask the same questions for the interview. She tells me last night that she wants to cancel my stop on the tour because she's bored.

Um No! I sent her the interview questions 3 weeks ago. I have re-arranged my schedule for her so that she could re-arrange one of the other stops on the tour. I sat through a very loose Twilight style book that ..... you know what I will have the review up on Thursday on the book blog as planned with or without her actually doing the questions and answers part like she has been for the last month.

Deep sigh- This dear readers is the woman who is suppose to be publishing my book next. And I have a gaggle of people telling me to guard myself.
I am suppose to be having wwegirl's husband making the book cover for me, and I got a loan for the production of the book. So things on my end are in motion. Go here for my updates on my book.

More books. Harper Collins Canada sent me 3 more books to review before Xmas. Yay me. And a very Christian author sent me a book of his poetry to review. I am really trying to be objective but finding it really hard.

Then why did you agree to review it?

Well Spudgun it's a book isn't it.

And I am still waiting for iTunes Canada to get last week's episode of TNA Impact!

Let's talk about the issues on the Woman's site I am an admin on shall we... oh freal! That would really just take hours.
So instead let's just throw out some more links and a photo. Righty-ho righty-ho.

New blog Another Freak in the Freakdom my stronger journalistic writing side is pure Gonzo

Part 2 of the final All Jane Austen Challenge

Pagan Girl started an All Witch/Pagan Challenge

And you already know my feelings on the whole Hulk Hogan destroying TNA.... sorry I mean joining TNA

What do we think about this for my inside cover photo on my book?

You're right it's lifeless and dull and maybe we should just go with a photo of my boobs.

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