Saturday, November 14, 2009

The wrong couple

Once upon a time, there was a little native girl who was a powerful witch.
She fall inlove with this little white boy. The native witch asked her best friend the Vampire Queen to help her with a love spell.
They did and it worked.
For 7 years the native witch and the little white boy were happily married.
The only thing was everyone thought the little white boy was not into girls. Then one day the native witch showed up on the Vampire Queen's front door step crying because her life had fallen apart. Her husband had left her for another man.
The native witch and the little white gay man are still very close, and the little gay man still calls her the love of his life.
The moral of the story, be careful what you wish for.

Yes, this is a true story. I was the vampire queen in it, and two of my closest friends were the couple. They were soulmates. Everyone who saw them knew this, could see the way they interacted.
Everyone could also see that he was a very gay man. He was just in denial for so long.
They have since gone on their separate ways but have stayed very good friends.
I have never heard a man use the word soulmate outside of a movie or novel before, but he did all the time.

The question I have to ask for a few reasons is, how do you handle finding your soulmate then finding out they are gay?
Personally, I am not sure if I would be able to handle the information.
I know I would be happier then the world to know my soulmate really is out there (we've gone over this, I know he is) but it would crush me spiritually to find out I could not have the whole package.
To me, soulmate ideals have always equaled marriage. You can argue with me all you want on that, I won't give up my version of the perfect dream.

Certain paths believe that love magick will only work when two people are meant to be together. So in this case what really went wrong? They were soulmates, they were designed for each other, just not meant to be sexually compatible.
How do you get around that and still be happy?
Can you?

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