Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back to your regular scheduled Hugh Dillon

3 seasons into the hit Canadian show Flashpoint and you would think by now I would know before hand that I will cry each episode.
I love this show. It has single handedly become my favourite non-wrestling related show.

I mean, Hugh Dillon on a weekly basis, who wouldn't be shutting up and paying attention.

I just caught last week's episode (You Think You Know Somebody) where they had Brendan Fletcher as the guest star, and right on cue like clockwork, I started crying in the last act. Every week man every week.

And it was fabulous to see Brendan Fletcher in the episode as he's another great Canadian actor who does not get the attention he should be.
Another reason I like to tune into this show, is to see who the guest stars are. Two episodes in a row partnered up Hugh Dillon with an actor he's worked with in the past (Brendan Fletcher was in Ginger Snaps 3 Ginger Snaps Back the Beginning where Hugh Dillon played a priest. And last week's episode the Farm had John Pyper-Ferguson who did the movie Hard Core Logo with Hugh Dillon)

If you are not watching this you are missing out big time.

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