Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Nov 5th 2009

iTunes Canada had it for download in the middle of the night, dude, I don't know how many more "where is my show" emails I can send to them, I mean a "seasons pass" is suppose to have it ready right away. And no one on the internet had it uploaded. Creepy.

The show started off on a very serious note with Dixie Carter addressing the entire roster in a darkly lit studio. Do we the fans need to see that? Do we need to know that the "4th wall" has been dropped like that and find out there are such major issues in the company? You could see the hurt and disappointment in her as she addressed the situation.

Then A. J. Styles came out to address the same thing... Styles, if you read my thoughts the other week, I hold firm to them there is no need to scream into the camera.
Daniels then came out to yell at Styles. Lovely, I love a massive Heel turn.
Enter stage right Samoa Joe, who is making perfect sense with his pointing out that the belt is the reason for everything.
Daniels vs Styles with Joe as the special guest ref. Um why did Joe come down to the ring with rubber gloves? Maybe he was scared to get Daniels' make up on him?
Styles got beat down in the back, and did not make it out to the ring, and Joe beat up Daniels in the ring.
They tried the match again later in the night. They showed the attack again. People use your brains, a bald man attacked him few episodes ago my money's on Wolfe . They started the match with Styles slapping on a headlock. Daniels turned it around with a few knees to the ribs. Daniels was favouring his neck through most of this. This was as far as the crowd was concerned Styles' match as they were cheering only for him. Styles managed to slap a very painful flip on Daniels which had started to at first look like a hesitation suplex. Styles won with his Styles Clash.

World Elite 's Eric Young and Big Rob vs Beer Money Inc. Big Rob and James Storm started the match off with Storm being tossed across the ring a few times. Big Rob powered down Storm hard on the mat then stood there posing for a moment. The crowd started to chant "let's go cowboy" as Big Rob was carrying him around the ring, Storm then planted both knees to his shoulders and got out of the move. Roode made the tag and Young came in cause Big Rob was left holding his back in the corner from the double knees. Storm got a double kick from outside the ropes on Young tossing Young outside the ring. Big Rob then picked up Roode and threw him down hard with his full height, Roode landing on his nose. Somehow Roode managed to get the pin on Big Rob.

British Invasion came out for a beat down and as they were leaving the MotorCityMachine Guns! ran out to beat them down. (yay Chris and Alex)

Lethal's promo was sweet. He still needs to get rid of the moo-moo

Desmond Wolfe vs Cody Deaner. Huh? Yeah um I didn't even think Deaner was still part of the roster. Kurt Angle was connected to the mic via telephone for this one. One close line and Deaner was done, the announce team didn't even get to introduce Angle on the line.
I am liking Wolfe for a few reasons, he's fresh, he's different and the idea of him going for the "alpha" was a clever theme.

Mick Foley came to the ring to call out Abyss. He admitted the Abyss is better then him. Very cool.

Has Steiner lost his mind? Do they just not know what to do with him now?

Homicide vs Lashley. Homicide jump started the match with a few forearms to Lashley. Lashley tossed him to the corner but Homicide managed to get a double kick from the toprope dropping Lashley on his back. Lashley got up and gave Homicide a vicious slam getting the pin.
Steiner and Lashley then brawling in the back, where upon Lethal and Shelley and I think a hooded Sabin came out to break it up.
Homicide is still in the ring during this beating down the ref, and Amazing Red ran in for a save.

Team 3D vs Hernandez/Matt Morgan the evil druid. Devon and Morgan started the match, Devon got the upper hand with a flying shoulder block. Morgan our evil druid then sent Devon into the corner with his rapid elbows. Hernandez tagged in, and Devon had a near fall. Brother Ray tagged in and it looked like he had it going in his favour until Hernandez closelined him. Brother Ray then ripped Hernandez's shirt off him (thank you hehe) for a series of chops, then suplexed him off the top rope. Devon tagged in, and hurt his knee going for a top rope move. Hernandez then targeted it with a leg bar. There were a few quick tags in and out between Hernandez and Morgan working on Devon's knee. Brother Ray then used a chair. The match was a DQ.

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