Monday, November 16, 2009

You should be loyal to your heroes, they may turn on you

Most likely the coolest line from the movie Trick or Treat (1986) where the character of Sammy Curr has just been set free from the record and is threatening the character of Eddie.
This is a line of dialog that has stuck in my brain for the last 23 years. As far as I am concerned the key element in the film.

I am a Generation X person. The gang of kids I went to high school and college with were Artists, Musicians, Actors, Writers, Poets, and most of them are now working in computers.
Goth and Punk still had some edge when we were in high school, and On The Road was still the rebel read when we were in college.
Jesus what happened to us all? We were sure we were meant to be something big, something important. Well, Mr. B. did.
He got married and left the rest of us to keep dreaming. Lucky him.
Too bad for us, cause he was the glue that held us together as a group. He was our Dracula, our Victor Frankenstein, our Dean Moriarty, and we hung off his every word.

So now what?
What do the rest of us little scum clot members do with ourselves? You know I have been asking that for the last 14 years, trying to figure out just what it is I'm on this planet for?
I got asked yesterday what "do I want ?"
Damn, isn't it clear and totally obvious? I want a husband, to be published, a studio area where I can be a female version of Andy Warhol.

And if you haven't picked up on that over all this time then you haven't been listening.
Yeah, you have been scumclotting with a hardcore Vamp. It's been fun admit it. Lock the door on your way out eh?

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