Friday, November 13, 2009

To my male fans

Am I being tongue in cheek here you ask?
Sort of but not really.

I know that my friends' husbands read my blog, (you should do the Jane Austen Men's challenge really you should) I know one of my ex reads my blog (you miss me or else you wouldn't be hitting up my dren) I know Freud reads my blog (yummy, you should do the Jane Austen Men's challenge really you should) I happen to know a few wrestlers read my blog (you should email me sometime and you should do the Jane Austen Mens' challenge really you should ) I happen to know that there are other Canadian celebrities who read my blog (you should do the Jane Austen Mens' challenge really you should)

So you are asking what's going on here? What's the point to this particular post? It's called "interaction". Now, I know most of you guys for whatever reason seem to "hate phones" and most of you have issues with proper letters, but you all text and/or twitter so I know you are capable of leaving something for me, and the comments area that are attached to the blog posts is similar to both texting and twittering.
Now you are asking yourself, why does it matter if you actually leave me comments or not? Well the answer to that is little more complicated then just one reason.

One reason would be blogging manners. It's just polite to leave something, anything even when you disagree with me. Otherwise, don't you feel like you're the fan and I'm the celebrity?
Another reason is, I'm a talker, I like to have conversations with people.
Next reason on the list, I like the idea that someone is actually listening to me, even when they disagree with me.

How about the fact you guys are only getting one side of me by not asking me stuff or demanding anything from me. You only get my sarcastic side by staying silent. I can't improve my blog if I don't get feedback.

And I will just assume that you all have a massive crush on me and are too shy to let me know
by staying silent. And that of course puts all sorts of ideas in my mind, of what you boys might be doing while reading my blog. Well the straight guys anyway.

Did I mention the Jane Austen Men's challenge in case I didn't here's the link

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