Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh Gibby you're such a goof

Me: I was at HMV yesterday, you will never guess what I found.
Erin: Something old.
Me: Yeah yeah. Boxed set of you'll never guess....
Erin: Revenge of the Nerds.
Me: ....revenge of .... how you know?
Erin: I was there earlier this week buying dad's birthday gift. Spotted it and bought it. Number 4 sucks.
Me: I know, I bought it too. Thought we could have a movie fest. But...
Erin: Oh Gibby, you're such a nerd. *laughter* but in a good way.

This is the basis of conversations with my oldest friend on the planet. We've been friends now coming up nearly 30 years. Damn, we're old. No I will not explain the nic name of Gibby to you.
This sprang into a conversation about old bands and music that we used to like. I was the ultimate music video junkie for most of my life actually. It's only been the last 5 or 6 years that I have lost all interest in that.

Anyway, that got me thinking about the way music videos were done back in the early 80's, how most of the time they made zero sense at all. Which is how I stylized the one video I did few years ago when we were still working on the vampire movie. I did a song called "One Shot" and made a music video for it that was just pointless.
On purpose.

I wanted it to have the feel of something from the early 80's, when Duran Duran was the music video blueprint. To this day, the video for "Wild Boys" is still one of my top favourites. Thought I would throw in an Arcadia video while I'm at it.

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