Friday, November 20, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Nov 19th 2009

Once again I am hours late with this as it was not ready for download on iTunes Canada till late evening.

And we open with yet another new set of opening credits, you won't notice really, other then the single shots of a few of the wrestlers were replaced with shots of Wolfe. I noticed. And coming off Turning Point ppv. Mick Foley and Abyss came out to the ring together, Foley having a patch over his left eye from last week when Raven threw the fireball at him. Then out came Raven to answer Foley's challenge.
Did Abyss used to be a furniture mover cause he seems to like redecorating what was up with that?
Raven/Stevie vs Abyss/Foley, only Foley was locked in his office by the desk Abyss put there. Abyss didn't wait for the bell, instead knocked both their skulls together on the ramp. Stevie got slammed face first into the steps, as Abyss gave rapid fists to Raven before Raven did his trademark Russian Leg Sweep into the guard rail. They finally got into the ring and the bell was set to start the match. They double teamed Abyss for most of this now handicapped match. Abyss turned it around with a series of closed fists to both men, before landing a ShockTreatment on Stevie. Raven though got the match thrown out with a planted lighter on Abyss. Then Raven Evenflowed DDTed Abyss outside the ring after the match was over.

A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle promo was typical, and a nice way to set up the feud between them in the next while.
Styles/Angle vs Wolfe/Daniels. Angle and Daniels started it off. Angle got a headlock on Daniels before tossing him to the mat, but Daniels got the legs around Kurt's neck which went back and forth like that for the next few minutes. Each countering and using the same two moves. Daniels then went for forearms over the neck of Angle. Styles then tagged in. Then Daniels blind tagged in Wolfe. It looked like Styles had the upper hand with an lowdragging arm bar, but Wolfe countered it slamming Styles over on his hip. Styles managed to get a drop kick on him then a back breaker. Angle then tagged in. Wolfe got a sweet kick to the face on Angle before Daniels tagged back in. Daniels then worked on the shoulder. Wolfe tagged back in, landing a clean wrist lock suplex combo. Daniels tagged back in, but was served a belly to belly suplex. Both men tagged in. Styles delivered a lovely sidesweeping backbreaker but Wolfe used a Tower of London for a near fall. Daniels then blind tagged himself in and got the pin with a BME on Styles.

Steiner vs Amazing Red. what? huh? how does that make sense. And Don West was wearing a mic for this... okay And they spent more time on Don West then they did with the camera on the ring. Then Red got stuck in the corner while Steiner delivered chops before using a massive hip toss. Red turned it around for a moment with a few quick kicks. Steiner got it back around with a large press. Then Steiner grabbed a pipe and the ref called a dq. uh duh

Nash and Eric Young's promo was good, but what's brewing here?

It was the return of ODB's Trash Talk with Homicide. Then we had the return of Tomko. Nice.

A.J. Styles talking about Hulk .... bored now.

Foley got beat down by Raven and Stevie in the hallway. Typical.

Team 3D/Rhino vs Pope/Hernandez/Matt Morgan the evil druid in a street fight. Brother Ray got a large closeline on Hernandez knocking him down in the middle of the ring but Hernandez turned it around with a suicide dive knocking everyone outside of the ring down. The Pope then brought in weapons. Morgan got Devon cornered with a trashcan on him and used his rapid elbows. Then got a near fall. Meanwhile on the top turnbuckle, Hernandez had a large belly splash on Rhino. Our evil druid then got the tables. But Brother Ray rolled off just as Morgan slammed himself through it. Hernandez then double closedlined 3D before ripping his own shirt off. Then got a near fall on Rhino before the ref was pulled out of the ring as Jessie Neil ran in with a better looking hair do then he used to have hitting them with a chair giving Rhino the win.
Jessie Neil needs to keep his tongue ring inside his mouth (I don't like piercings) Hardcore and Extreme... I sense a flashback to the old ECW days coming, maybe the rumours are true after all?

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! in new pants... hummm... they teamed with Beer Money Inc against World Elite in an 8 man tag. Eric Young was on mic for this. James Storm and Kyoshi started it off. This was all Storm as he got a beauty of a hip toss on Kyoshi before going for a near fall. Chris Sabin tagged in for a second before tagging in Alex Shelley. They did a double team move on Kyoshi. Bashir kicked Shelley from outside the ropes, causing a distraction. This let Kyoshi get a hard kick to Shelley's face. his poor nose Bashir then tagged in, getting a near fall on Shelley, then another tag in by Kyoshi with a slam to Shelley's ribs. Shelley got a neck slam on Kyoshi into the second turnbuckle. Both Sabin tagged in as did Brutus giving Sabin a chance to do a beauty of a leg sweep and kick. Sabin, who is part monkey, then used a springboard closeline to knock down Brutus. The rest of World Elite then jumped into the ring causing chaos. Beer Money Inc crotched Bashir on the outside of the ring pole. Meanwhile back in the ring, Sabin got a drop kick on Doug Williams sending him flying outside. Meanwhile back on the ramp Beer Money Inc double suplexed Kyoshi. Sabin and Brutus were the legal men in the ring, and Sabin was landing some beauty of a set of punches to Brutus in the corner. Then Mr .Useless sorry Big Rob Terry jumped into the ring out of nowhere to disrupt things, only he got kicked to the skull by Sabin, just before the Guns! did a double kick on Brutus. Shelley landed one of his killer frogsplashes (love when he does that) on Brutus and got the pin. Alex Shelley was then sitting in the corner holding his ribs.

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