Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Really, the same person wrote that?

I have been saying for years how much I love the movie version of The Shipping News. And the book is even more beautiful.

I had no frealing clue that the movie Brokeback Mountain was based on a book or that Anne Proulx wrote it.
Then again, I was bored with that movie.

Yes, you have just met the one woman on the planet who found nothing of interest in that cowboy film. Then again, I have never been one for western themed anything.
I know, it's won awards, but still I just didn't find it at all of interest.

Will I pick up that book next? Doubt it. I know Ninja loves that movie (I had borrowed it off her) but she hated Shipping News so go figure eh?
My sister and I have never agreed on anything other then Johnny Depp.

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